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Hand Sanitiser | 75% Alcohol | Lemongrass Scent


Our hand sanitiser contains 75% alcohol + kills 99.99% bacteria are amongst the strongest on the market, providing maximum peace of mind.

A light, non-sticky formula with a tangy lemongrass aroma, you will have a premium product to be proud of that won't leave you with dry, cracked-skin.

Because our hand sanitiser is a fine spray and not a gloopy gel, it can also help clean your phone, door handles and trolley handles etc. Keep one handy in your pocket or handbag with our refillable Atomiser Bottle. Fill it up with our hand sanitiser and you will have a stylish pocket hand sanitiser that others will envy.


Quick Fact! DID YOU KNOW?

Your phone is one of the dirtiest, germiest carriers of nasties out there.  Research published in the Journal of Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease reviewed studies which found that an average of 68% of mobile phones were contaminated.  Also, check out this article, titled “Your Cell Phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Here’s what to do about it”:


Read Me First


Before you jump on the internet, cross your fingers and buy just any hand sanitiser, read our 7 top tips for buying and using hand sanitisers:

1.       The most important ingredient is how much alcohol your hand sanitiser contains.  So, always check the alcohol content before you buy.   Many alcohol-free hand sanitisers don’t highlight this fact, so carefully read the ingredients in the small print on the bottle.

2.       The USA’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends hand sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol when you aren’t able to wash your hands.   And, if you can get hand sanitiser with an even higher percentage of alcohol, all the better. 

3.       As such, don’t waste your vodka!  Vodka and other drinkable spirits usually only contain about 40% alcohol, so these are not effective to use as a hand sanitiser.

4.       If you want to make your own hand sanitiser, the best place to start is with the World Health Organisation guidelines.  Click on the following link, or copy and paste into your browser:

5.       There is a particular way to use hand sanitiser to maximise its effectiveness.  The CDC instructs that you need to ensure you use a large enough amount, applying to one palm before rubbing your hands together.  While rubbing, the product should be spread all over your hands and fingers, covering all surfaces until completely dry.  This process should take around 20 seconds.

6.       If your hands are greasy or dirty when you apply hand sanitiser, it may not be as effective.  

7.       And finally, please remember that washing your hands thoroughly and often with soap and water is the best way to protect yourself.   Hand sanitiser should be used as the next best option, when soap and water are not available.    


Stay safe my lovelies!



Ingredients:  Alcohol (ethanol), H20, glycerine, hydrogen peroxide, lemongrass essential oil.


Hand Sanitiser | 75% Alcohol | Lemongrass Scent