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Atomiser | Black + Gold


This refillable atomiser bottle makes it easier for you to carry your favourite hand sanitiser or fragrance with you. With its compact, modern and sleek design you won't have to try and squeeze all your accessories into your handbag or pocket.

Say goodbye to ugly looking hand sanitiser bottles or carrying chunky fragrance bottles and make a statement with our Atomiser bottle. It is retractable and will fit in your pocket or handbag with ease.


To fill, pull the top gold part of your sprayer, unwind the gold sprayer until loose and fill with your favourite hand sanitiser or fragrance, holds up to 120 sprays. 

Capacity: 10ml / 0.33 fl.oz

Size: 23mm (diameter) x 104mm (length) 

Material:  Aluminium, Glass + Plastic.

Atomiser | Black + Gold