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Derma Roller Care

Life of Skin's advice and tips on how to care for your derma roller.  

Do you own a derma roller? How often do you clean it? Is it stored properly?

It is extremely important to keep your derma roller clean. It is a tool full of micro needles that help stimulate your skin. If the derma roller is not cleaned properly prior to use, bacteria could easily be transferred onto your skin's surface which could potentially lead to infection. Ugh... we definitely do not want that!

We recommend you clean your derma roller after use and store it in a container away from dust.

Here are some of our tips from Life of Skin. 

1. Wash your derma roller prior to first use. We try our best to ensure our products are always in tip-top condition when you receive it but we highly recommend you give it a thorough clean prior to use. We include 1 x free 5ml alcohol spray upon checkout, use this bottle and give the roller a good cleanse by submerging the roller into the alcohol solution then place your derma roller upside down on a clean kitchen towel. Let the alcohol vaporise completely. MAKE SURE the alcohol vaporises completely as residue alcohol could irritate your skin.

2. While your Life of Skin derma roller is drying, it's time to wash your face with a face cleanser. Always remember to have clean skin prior to derma rolling. Remove your make-up and give your face a nice clean with our Gentle Gel Cleanser. 

3. Now you are ready to use your derma roller! Apply a few drops of any of our Life of Skin serums and work your roller. 

4. Once you are done, give it another wash and keep it stored in a sealed container. Our Life of Skin derma roller comes in a clear container. Make sure you don't throw that away and always keep your derma roller stored in it. This will help limit the amount of dust that could get into it.

Some important notes

  • Do not use bleach to clean your derma roller. Bleach is a toxic chemical and you don't want any residue bleach to have any contact with your skin.
  • Do not boil your derma roller. The needles on your derma roller are fine and fragile. Boiling your roller could damage the needles.